Monday, August 13, 2012

Meat Free Monday

We have a vegetarian wannabe in our house.  Not a bad thing.  It's opening our eyes to new meal ideas.  Because of a chronic illness, and to be perfectly honest, my not wanting to make that drastic of a change, we have let her go beef and pork free for over 2 years now but draw the line at poultry.  I know, chickens have feeling too.  It's amazing how having one person change their diet effects the whole family!  Steve misses it the most, oh the excitement on those rare (pun intended!) occasions that beef hits the dinner table!  

So, in an effort to make healthier dinners and broaden our eating horizons, we are starting Meat Free Mondays.  While it's the time of year to get yummy veggies at local produce stands, we are going to try to focus on plant based meals too.  Not every week, but it kicks the challenge up a notch.

We don't want boring meat free dinners, or the obvious pancakes every week.  I'll post our successes (last weeks Chipotle style veggie bowls were amazing!) and flops.  If you wanna join in the challenge, please let me know what your faves are too!

Tonight was rather boring, but I'll own up to it.  Just 3 of us were home so I let myself be a little lazy.

Meatless Monday Menu:

Potato and Onion Perogies (we love Wegman's brand), baked.

Roasted broccoli

Tossed salad


  1. Love Wegman's pierogies! Although we do potato/cheese I think...sauteed in butter...crispy on the outside, creamy in the middle. My meatless Monday was shot at breakfast! We had sausage w/our eggs, then deli meats for lunch, and meat sauce on our pasta at dinner! Maybe next Monday!

  2. Turn it had a meaty Monday!! Maybe that's the next big trend!